Restore the beauty of your cedar roof and maintain it’s elegant appeal! Cedar roof cleaning and restoration will bring your cedar roof to looking like new again and prolong its life and health.

The number one deteriorating infestation with any wood roof is white & brown rot fungi. Second would be moss, followed by mildew, lichen, mold and algae. Over time all wood roofs retain these infestations if not cleaned. Wood roofs should be cleaned about every five to ten years.

Your roof has common brown rot fungi. Though this may sound alarming just in the terms, it is a common infestation. These fungi do not have chlorophyll and cannot manufacture their own food. They feed off of the cells in the wood. The fungus secretes enzymes that break down the wood or lining
(this is the substance that holds the wood cells together); thus the dark brown to black coloration.

There is also moss, mildew, lichen and mold. Combined with the fungi this is the cause for your roof to retain moisture. Cedar on its own will not decay. Certified cedar shake roof cleaning in Michigan by Roof Cleaner www.yourroofcleaner.com - CopyIt is through these infestations which retain moisture that cause the deterioration of cedar shakes. Once these infestations are removed the shingles will return to their normal function and thus serve the purpose there were designed for: to protect the underlining felt. The felt protects the roof and the shingles protect the felt.

Cedar shakes are organic and need to be maintained in order to reach their full lifespan, which can be anywhere from 40 to 60 years and greatly depends on how well they are maintained. Having your cedar roof cleaned every 5 to 10 years (depending on age) will help to ensure the longevity of your roof.

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cedar-roofing-imgsCan moss buildup cause my roof to leak?

Heavy moss can cause water to back up the roof enough to run over the top of the shingles. The buildup should be removed. Moss retains soil and moisture that could harm the wood over time.

Should I seal my cedar roof to keep out moisture?

No. Never seal your cedar roof. Sealing the roof will lock in moisture that would otherwise naturally evaporate during normal weather conditions. Cedar needs to breathe.

Roof Cleaner

We’re the only Certified Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning company in Western Michigan that is certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC). Our harmless, soft-wash cleaning methods give your roof a thorough, deep clean and rinse that leave your roof in better shape than we found it. Plus, our cleaning products leave a protective residue to help prevent fungus and algae from returning.

Maintain your curb appeal. Prevent aesthetic blemishes from turning into serious problems that require a new roof and huge expense. Schedule an appointment with Roof Cleaner today.



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