Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to homes and businesses each winter here in Michigan. What causes an ice dam to form on the roof, heat loss is the major component of ice dam buildup. The heat causes the snow to melt and run down the roof where it becomes ice, as this continues to happen the ice dam gets bigger and bigger and soon it will lift the shingles to the point where the water now has a way into the home or business.

When you have an ice dam the best way to remove it is by steam, which is the system we use to remove ice dams. There are many companies that use methods that cause damage to the roofing material and are not the proper way to remove an ice dam. Ice picks, hammers, pressure washers, and even an axe. These tools are not designed, nor should they ever be used on an ice dam.

Steam is the safest way to remove an ice dam, we use a commercial steam machine that’s sole purpose is ice dam removal. Our proven ice dam removal service has helped homes and businesses all across Michigan to rid their roofs of ice buildup.

We offer ice dam removal 7 days a week and are always ready for your call.

We look forward to making your home free of ice dams, leak-free, safe, and comfortable.