Metal Roof Cleaning

Due to the advancements in metal roofing, this type of roofing material is gaining in popularity not only for roofs on garages and commercial buildings but on residential homes as well. Today’s metal roofs are lightweight, durable, fire retardant, hold up well in our weather and can be very energy efficient and they also come in a variety of styles and colors.  You can get metal roofing that looks just like an asphalt shingled roof, tile roof and even slate looking.

Most metal roofs have warranties that exceed 30 years and some even have lifetime warranties. They require less maintenance than some other types of roofs, but they do require periodic cleanings and inspections so that they stay in top condition.

Some believe that a metal roof will not have the same issues that an asphalt roof has when it comes to infestation on the roofing material, with today’s new styles of metal roofing material there is just as much a chance of your roof having moss, mold, and mildew and lichen growth as any other material.

The best way to insure that your roof will reach its full lifespan is to have the correct type of cleaning done to it. The proper way to clean a metal roof is not with the use of high pressure, but by using what is known as soft wash and the proper cleaning agents. This is the process that is recommended by most metal roof manufacturers. If your roof is showing signs of oxidation, there are ways to bring the luster back with a deep cleaning.

Our knowledge and training make us the leading metal roof cleaning company in Michigan, from the largest of commercial buildings to the shed in the back yard. Our process for cleaning metal roofs will have yours looking great again.

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