Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaner’s roof cleaning service can rid you of your ugly roof problem in West Michigan. Our soft-wash cleaning methods erase stains. That’s a given. But what’s even more impressive is being able to get under the shingles and siding to kill any mold, fungus or bacteria growing beneath, helping prevent these problems from reappearing. Plus, the non-abrasive soft wash doesn’t harm shingles or other exterior materials, which preserves the life of these highly important parts of your home.

Why should you consider roof cleaning?

Harmful algae and fungus stains have no business on your roof. We get rid of them now and help prevent them from returning later. Our Soft-Wash cleaning method is 100% harmless and Eco-Friendly Soft-Washing removes ugly stains with a thorough deep clean & rinse and features a protective residue to help prevent algae & fungus from returning Soft-Wash results last up to 5X longer than standard pressure washing.

This algae growth is actually eating away at your home’s roof, deteriorating the shingle and is also causing the loosening of the protective granules. Leaving your roof untreated can result in a shortened lifespan of your roofing material. In addition to the deterioration caused by the algae growth, a roof with black streaks will not heat evenly causing hot pockets of air in your home’s attic space. These hot pockets of air cause your home’s heating and cooling system to work harder and less efficiently when being used due to inconsistent air temperatures.


Stains on your roof, when left untreated, lead to serious roof problems that require repair or complete replacement – not to mention the loss of curb appeal.