“Best in the business. We had a moss covered roof that was looking extremely bad. In the hopes of not having to spend $15,000 on a new roof I called up Roof Cleaner and had the roof cleaned by them. Now I have a roof that will last for years longer. Their soft wash method does such a great job and did no damage to my shingles. Highly recommend Roof Cleaner.”

Bill, East Grand Rapids

“Had green mold on the north side of our house that was looking very ugly, had Roof Cleaner come and give our house a good cleaning. I was happy to learn that they do not use pressure washers for the cleaning of siding on a house. With the soft wash they use the house came out great. Would recommend them to anyone.”

Brian. H., Ada

“ We were thinking of putting the house on the market and after our realtor told us we needed to replace the roof because it was very dirty and had some moss on it we decided to give Roof Cleaner a call to see if it could just be cleaned, Roof Cleaner not only cleaned it, they made it look like it was a new roof. Awesome Job.”

Kim E., Cascade

“I’ve been meaning to send you a note to say thanks for the great job on the house. It looks fantastic! In the past I’ve had it power washed but your way gave a much better result. Thanks again.”

Rob D.