Trex Cleaning

Required Cleaning Instructions for TREX

Tools and materials needed:

 A Garden hose with access to a water outlet

 Deck Cleaner (Sodium hypochlorite).

Cleaning Steps:

1. Clean only on a day when the deck is dry and no precipitation is expected. If the deck is wet, then the cleaner will be diluted and not be effective. DO NOT pre-wet or rinse the deck with water as this also will make the cleaner ineffective.

2. Ambient temperature should be between 50-90F

3. Remove all furniture and loose items from the deck

4. Sweep or blow the deck to remove any loose debris, i.e., leaves, grass, dirt, etc.

5. Cover any plants adjacent to the deck and/or wet the plants prior to and after cleaning. Note: this cleaner will not harm most plants.

6. Use only fresh Sodium hypochlorite purchased within 30 days prior to the cleaning. Old, leftover cleaner is not as effective and will diminish the results.

7. Fill the pump sprayer with Deck Cleaner.

8. Pump to increase the pressure for spraying.

9. Working from one end of the deck to the other, begin spraying a small area(approx. 10’x10’)

10. The wet cleaner must remain on the deck for 15 minutes without drying. The hotter the weather, the more likely the cleaner will dry.

11. If the cleaner begins to dry, simply spray more on this area.

12. After the cleaner is on the deck, proceed to the next 10’ square.

13. A partner may rinse the first cleaned area as long as no water gets outside of the cleaned area. It is ok to wait until the entire deck is cleaned to rinse.

14. Usually, no scrubbing is needed on the deck, although under some plants, dirt can accumulate and light scrubbing may be advantageous to remove the dirt.

15. After the cleaning, thoroughly rinse the entire deck with water. Residual cleaner will show foaming during the rinsing. Continue rinsing until no foaming is apparent.

16. The Deck Cleaner does contain bleach and will lighten the appearance of the deck.

17. Note: If the deck has rarely or never been cleaned or is in an especially mold prone environment, then multiple (2 or more) cleanings may be needed to remove residual mold.

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