5 Reasons to Let Fleet Cleaner Wash Your Company Vehicles

It’s important to keep your company’s vehicles looking great whenever they are on the roads. Do you need a few reasons on why Fleet Cleaner should be washing your company vehicles, instead of cleaning them yourself? Here are five reasons why you should let Let Fleet Cleaner wash your company vehicles…

1. We have the proper equipment and technique. Cleaning your company vehicles is more than just dragging out a hose. Let us clean your company’s vehicles with our state of the art equipment and technique.

2. Don’t waste the time of having your drivers by having them take the trucks to a truck wash. Many companies just have their drivers take the vehicles to a truck wash. This eats away at the time your driver’s can be on the road and wastes their valuable time.

3. We clean when you aren’t using your vehicles. If you are taking the time out of your operating hours to clean your vehicles — you are losing money. Fleet Cleaner will wash your vehicles in your off hours — so your vehicles are never out of service during your hours of operation.

4. We can tackle the tougher dirt and stains. Perhaps your vehicles have road tar on them, bugs, or exhaust stains. We have ways to remove a lot of these stains and dirt.

5. Nobody wants that job. Don’t waste your driver’s valuable time washing your fleet. No one really wants the job of taking your company’s vehicles down to a truck wash, or dragging out a hose to try to wash your fleet. It’s a wet and messy job. Let Fleet Cleaner do the dirty work for you.

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Here is a video that shows just what our Fleet Cleaning Service could do for your vehicles…

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