Occasionally light colored asphalt shingle roofs may discolor with a brown to black stained appearance. Although this staining often is mistaken as dirt, moss, or even granule loss, it is caused by a type of algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. Natural pigments produced by the algae cells result in the dark discoloration, usually visible after the roofs are about five to ten years old.

Historically this phenomenon has been more common in warm, humid climates but is becoming more common throughout North America. Although most noticeable on light shingle colors, the algae stain affects all asphalt shingle roofs, including darker colors.

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. High pressure washing is sometimes recommended by roof cleaning service companies. This is NOT recommended as it can quite often result in damage to the asphalt shingles, primarily due to the loosening and removal of the mineral granular surfacing. It is very important that the granules be left intact on the shingles as they provide protection for the asphalt from ultraviolet radiation.

. Soft Washing is the method that should be used for the cleaning of asphalt shingles, this method will not cause the granular surface to loosen and fall off. When used in conjunction with the proper roof cleaning agents this method will not only clean the roof it will also help to keep the stains from reappearing for years.

The black streaks start to show up on roofs in Michigan when they get close to the 5 year mark and once they show up, the streaks will continue to grow until the entire roof is covered in the stain. Now, thanks to Roof Cleaner there is a way to bring your roof back to its original luster, and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Roof Cleaner, Michigan’s top rated roof cleaning company uses state of art equipment and technology to safely clean roofs all across Western Michigan.

Don’t be fooled by a roofing company that states you need to replace your roof just because it has black streaks, moss and lichen growth. The average cost of a roof replacement runs into the 10’s of thousands of dollars now, where the average cost of a professional roof cleaning will cost less than a thousand, many times less than half that.

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