Roof Cleaner washes more than just homes. Our industrial-grade pressure washing equipment can clean tough dirt and mud from construction trucks and farm equipment with ease.

The Grand Rapids real estate market is off to a strong start this Spring and potential home buyers across Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and surrounding counties are in search of move-in ready homes that show well.

Moss covered Cedar Shake roof Our cleaning process was started on the left side of the picture. Notice the difference?

Benefits Of Soft Wash-Enhancing Home Appeal With Professional House Washing

Roof Cleaner can give the exterior of your home or business a “fresh coat of clean” with our soft-wash system.

What Are Those Black Streaks on a Shingled Roof? Those unsightly black streaks are actually bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma (GM). GM appears as a black stain and usually covers a majority of the roof surface area, more predominantly on the lower portion of the roof where moisture content is higher and taper as they reach the ridge caps. How Does a Roof Get Stained with Black Streaks? GM can spread from one infected roof to another via airborne spores. These spores land randomly on a roof and take root. A Shingle is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to