Bugged by Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Sign

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With all the recent rain, the mosquito population is just incredible. Many people have commented that this is probably the worst the mosquito problem has ever been here in West Michigan. We are all being bugged by mosquitoes!

Here are some interesting facts about these little, flying pests…


An adult mosquito lives longer than you think!

Most people think that mosquitoes only live a few days or maybe weeks. Actually their live expectancy can be measured in months! Some species of mosquitoes can live 5-6 months! Here in Michigan most of them live up to 60-90 days — unless they get a nice slap from one of us as they are feeding. That means that the current batch of mosquitoes will probably be with us until the end of the season.


Only the female mosquitoes want your blood!

The female mosquitoes need protein for their eggs. They need a blood meal to reproduce. The male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar instead. So if you are being a meal for a mosquito, know that it is a female mosquito that is enjoying a nice meal on your blood.


Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide up to 75 feet away!

It is the carbon dioxide that humans and animals produce that signal the tiny pests where their next meal is located.


Mosquitoes need water to breed, but not much water!

A female mosquito needs just a few inches of water to deposit her eggs. The tiny larva develop quickly in the standing water in bird baths, roof gutters, empty containers, and old tires dumped in vacant lots. Some species can even breed in small puddles left after a rainstorm. Be vigilant about eliminating any standing water on your property and it will help to control the population of these bugs.


Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth!

One website stats that these little bugs are associated with more deaths than any other animal on the planet. (I’m not sure if I would refer to a mosquito as an “animal” but the number of deaths is still incredible.)  Mosquitoes carry a number of deadly diseases, including malaria, dengue and yellow fever, encephalitis, and more recently West Nile and the Zika viruses. Mosquitoes can also carry heartworm, which can be lethal to our pets.


Stop the Itching!

Once you have been bitten by a mosquito, how do you stop the itching? We have found several natural way to help reduce the swelling and itching you get from the allergic reaction to the bite.

You can apply things like a baking soda past, honey, apple cider vinegar, alcohol, and hand sanitizer to the bite to stop it from itching. Some other applications that have helped people including Preparation H, an aspirin paste, or even mouthwash. If you have an aloe vera plant, you can rub some of the plant’s juices on the bite. Some people even get relief from rubbing a basil leaf on the bite. There is also over-the-counter products designed specifically for mosquito bites.


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Bugged By Mosquitoes