What Are Those Black Streaks on a Shingled Roof? Those unsightly black streaks are actually bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma (GM). GM appears as a black stain and usually covers a majority of the roof surface area, more predominantly on the lower portion of the roof where moisture content is higher and taper as they reach the ridge caps. How Does a Roof Get Stained with Black Streaks? GM can spread from one infected roof to another via airborne spores. These spores land randomly on a roof and take root. A Shingle is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to

When the decision is made to put your house up for sale, you take the time to spruce up the interior rooms with some new paint and give it a good cleaning so that potential buyers will hopefully like the home and put a bid in on it. But what about the curb appeal, and I’m not talking about just planting some flowers and keeping the grass cut. The exterior of your home should cry out “We take pride in our home and this can be accomplished with a professional SoftWash exterior cleaning company. Provide the potential buyer with a

House Washing Grand Rapids Roof Cleaner provides professional house washing for your homes’ exterior that cleans, protects, and beautifies your homes’ appearance. We use our SoftWash system and our 5 step process to safely clean your siding.  We remove stains caused by mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants that have accumulated on the exterior surfaces of your home. Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in a lifetime, so it’s advantageous to maintain it and keep it clean. Roof Cleaner is paving the way with being the only SoftWash System authorized provider in West Michigan. Our

Roof Cleaner in the Cascade – Ada – Forest Hills – Michigan area. Roof Cleaner Cascade – Ada – Forest Hills Roof Cleaner in the Cascade – Ada – Forest Hills – Michigan area. If you are a homeowner and have started to see the Ugly Shingle disease that is spreading across your town you may be wondering how to clean your roof. I will start off by saying that a power washer of any kind should never be used as a tool for a Roof Cleaner. Pressure washing or power washing can and will cause damage to the granules

This coming winter is looking like it will be even worse than last year, that means that thousands of homes will be facing water damage due to ice dams. Please read the following information on some tips and suggestions when it comes to ice dams and your homeowners insurance. Keep Roof Cleaner in mind when the ice dams form, we have the right people in place to remove ice dams the correct way (not by a hammer or axe) using steam, which is the only way that ice dams should be removed. When Ice Dam Removal Is (and Is Not)

Why should I remove the snow from my roof? Ice dams- By keeping your roof clear of snow the threat of ice dams forming is greatly diminished. Ice dams can’t form without snow.  Ice dams can cause the roof to leak causing costly water damage inside your home. Excess weight – Snow buildup on the roof adds thousands of pounds of extra weight to the roof. If ice dams are present they can add many thousands of more pounds on the roof. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has a good article on snow and ice on roofs,

Structural damage can be caused by the formation of ice dams on roofs. When an ice dam forms, water can be forced under the roofing material and into your home or business causing many thousands of dollars of damage. When ice dams get to the point where they need to be taking care of, you need to have a company that only uses steam as a method for removing the ice dam. Many companies offer snow removal from roofs and they will try to tell you that they can take care of the ice dams by hitting them with a

When it comes to quality Roof & Exterior cleaning in Holland no one does it better than Roof Cleaner. We have been helping home owners in Holland and all of West Michigan since 2009 with their roof cleaning and other house washing needs. While roof cleaning in fairly new to the area, it is an accepted practice around the country. Many homes in the Holland area suffer from an infestation of algae on their roofs that is shortening the life span of the shingles. This algae first appears as black steaks on the roof. When left untreated, moss and lichen will start to grow on the roof, leading to water and moisture retention

PROFESSIONAL TILE ROOF CLEANING GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN Roof Cleaner is your choice for professional non pressure roof cleaning of tile roofs for the Grand Rapids Michigan Area. Our equipment and environmentally safe cleaning agents allow us to professionally clean even the steepest tile roofs. Walking on tile roofs, unless properly trained, can lead to broken and damaged tile. While we are properly trained and know how to walk on tile roofs, some will have a pitch that is just to dangerous to walk on. TILE ROOF CLEANING Grand Rapids The pictures in this post are those of a commercial office building, Due to the steep pitch of this tile roof, we

Grand Rapids MI pressure washing services by Roof Cleaner. Did you know that Roof Cleaner provides pressure washing along with our award winning roof cleaning. Even though our name says roof cleaner, we also are experts in pressure washing of all exterior surfaces. Years ago when the word pressure washing was mentioned it meant using a pressure washing machine that put out anywhere from 2500 – 4000 psi. This would be used to “clean” the siding on a home, high pressure blasting the dirt and grime off the siding. While this method did a Ok job of getting the dirt and