Cedar Roofs Can Last Over 50 Years if Cleaned Correctly

Cedar roofs are organic and need to be maintained in order to reach their full lifespan. If they are cleaned and maintained property, a cedar roof has the potential to last for over 50 years. Having your cedar roof cleaned every 5 to 10 years (depending on age) will help to you to ensure this type of longevity for your cedar roof.

Don’t trust the cleaning of your cedar roof to just anyone. Roof Cleaner is a certified cedar roof cleaning company. Cedar roofs need to be cleaned in a certain way. We use a proprietary cleaning system that is the best in the country. This process has cleaned thousands of cedar roofs. Our experience will help you maintain your cedar roof so that it can as long as possible. Don’t trust your roof to inexperienced or uneducated companies who may not specialize in this type of roofing material.

We can bring the luster back to your cedar roof. Roof Cleaner covers all of Michigan when it comes to cleaning cedar roofs. We’re the only Certified Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning company in Western Michigan that is certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC).

What causes problems with your cedar roof? The number one deteriorating infestation with any wood roof is white and brown rot fungi. Second would be moss, followed by mildew, lichen, mold and algae. Over time, all wood roofs retain these infestations if not cleaned. Wood roofs should be cleaned every five to ten years.

Below is a video that shows Roof Cleaner cleaning cedar roofs here in Michigan…

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