Roof Cleaner is now the premier cedar shake roof cleaning company in all of Michigan.

When you have a home with cedar shakes as the roofing material you have a house with a roof that will last 40-50 years or even more, IF you maintain it. Cedar roofs are like teeth, they will last an extremely long time – if you maintain them. Some homeowners are under the assumption that a cedar roof is maintenance free and will last forever. NOT SO. While cedar has the ability to resist decay, they will attract moss, lichen and other infestations.

Many companies have tried to copy our cedar cleaning process, but none have come close to being able to get the results that we do, that is why we are the experts when it comes to quickly and safely cleaning cedar shake shingles. With a cedar roof costing 30 – 60 thousand dollars to replace it makes sense to clean them so they will provide 40 – 60 years of protection. A professional cleaning of a cedar roof will usually be less than 5% of the cost of replacement.

If your cedar roof is a dark brown or black color it is time to have it cleaned, many also have moss, mold and lichen growth as well. All of which is deteriorating your cedar roof. We here at Roof Cleaner have the knowledge and training to clean and preserve your cedar roof. Our process uses no high pressure washing or power washing, and if a company tells you that is what is needed to clean your roof, they are not true cedar roof cleaning professionals and you should not allow them to preform any work on your roof. Using pressure to clean a cedar roof can cause more damage to the shakes and you would be better off not cleaning them at all.

Cedar shakes or wood roofs as some call them are a beautiful thing when they are maintained, they make the home look so much more inviting and warm. But, when neglected and moss and mold stat growing on them they can bring not only the look of the house down, but the value of the home will be reduced dramatically. Keep the beauty and the value of your home up, call Roof Cleaner to get your cedar roofing material cleaned.

Take a look at the pictures of the cedar roofs our process has cleaned.