Cedar Shake Shingles are elegant and long lasting.

When your home is roofed with cedar shake shingles, you have a roof that will last 40 – 50 years or more, but only if you provide the proper maintenance that is needed for this type of roofing material. While cedar shake does in fact last longer than the traditional asphalt shingles, it must be cared for, and this care must be done using the proper techniques. Without a proper cedar shake cleaning your roof will decay long before it should.

If the honey color is gone and your cedar shake roof is looking dark brown or black you have fungi that are slowly eating away at the cedar, you may also have moss and lichen that is growing on the cedar shakes. All of this can be cleaned from the cedar shake without any damage to the roofing material. Here at Roof Cleaner we are the only Certified Cedar Shake Roof cleaning company in Western Michigan, while there are other companies that say they clean these roofs, we are the only ones that have taken the necessary steps to insure we know how to do the cleaning the correct way.

Our process will not only clean the cedar shake, we also re introduce oil back onto the cedar which is needed for the health of the cedar shake. No other roof cleaning companies in Western or Northern Michigan have the proprietary chemicals that are used by Roof Cleaner for the cleaning of cedar. With the amount of money that a cedar roof costs you want to make sure it is cleaned and maintained by a company that has proven itself to be the leader in the cleaning of cedar shake roofs, that company is Roof Cleaner.

Our process is known as a soft wash cleaning, this means that we do not use a pressure washer on the cedar of your roofing material nor do we walk on the roof. The use of a pressure washer on cedar will cause damage that cannot be undone; if a company says they use a pressure washer but at low pressure, tell them thanks but no thanks.


Keeping the shakes cleaned and maintained will help them last for many years. Roof Cleaner uses a soft wash system to safely clean cedar shakes. We perform non-pressure cleaning of cedar shake roofs throughout all of Michigan. Depending on what is growing on the roof will help us determine what is needed to clean the shakes. Roofs that have been neglected for a long time will have moss and lichen growing on the shingles and need extra attention to clean. While the use of a power washer to clean cedar roofs was the way to go in the past it is no longer advisable. With the advancements in chemicals and non-pressure cleaning equipment, soft wash cleaning will not damage the soft cedar wood. Roof Cleaner can properly care for your Cedar Shake Roof.