Curb appeal is a reflection of an owner’s care for their home. A neatly manicured lawn, well-maintained shrubbery and clean exterior areas show the owner’s pride in the property’s aesthetics. Property values are often indicative of a neighborhood’s curb appeal, because areas that appear attractive are typically more desirable to home buyers.

Curb appeal is important for an owner who intends to offer the home for sale. A large percentage of home buyers view property photos on the Internet. Before reading online details about a property’s interior features, buyers may glance at the exterior photos of a home. A home with pristine interior features might get overlooked if the outside areas are less appealing. So you should work to improve your exterior areas. Property maintenance tips from a real estate agent; landscape pro or an exterior cleaning professional could increase a seller’s appointments with interested buyers, and lead to a faster sale.
While canvassing certain neighborhoods for a home, a prospective buyer may take notes about attractive properties. If a home buyer has children, curb appeal will likely influence the decision. A buyer may be looking for a home that appears clean, safe and well lit on the outside. Homes that reflect overdue exterior maintenance, such as grass that’s too tall, peeling paint, dirty siding, and stains on roof tops, missing shingles or cracked pavements may be considered less desirable. A buyer who can envision an easy transition into a well-maintained home may be able to avoid thinking about an immediate yard makeover.
A home seller can perform some general exterior maintenance to spruce up her property’s curb appeal. Removing rusted patio furniture and debris from a property’s exterior could help eliminate clutter. Planting fresh flowers and trimming overgrown bushes may be helpful, too. An exterior appearance specialists a can offer valuable ideas toward improving a property’s curb appeal.

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