Dangerous Ice

The return of the recent snowy weather here in Michigan means that ice dams and dangerous ice formations are starting to show up again on area roofs of both homes and businesses. The extended 8-14 day forecast shows temperatures could be near normal or slightly above. The would cause some of the snow on the roofs to begin to melt…If there are ice dams and huge ice formations, that blocks the water from running off the roof and there is a good chance the water will back up into your business or home.

Large ice above a doorway on a commercial building is a safety hazard that needs to be taken care of. Falling ice can cause severe injury or even death. Roof Cleaner removes rooftop snow and ice buildup from commercial roofs in Western and Northern Michigan. We also can remove ice dams from residential roofs.

At Roof Cleaner we use the top of the line steam machine for the safe and effective removal of ice and ice dams on roofs.

Never get up on the roof and start using hammers or axes to remove the ice. This can cause serious damage to your roof and roofing materials. It’s also a huge safety issue if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Roof Cleaner workers are trained in the proper way to tackle these jobs — Roof Cleaner uses steam to melt away the ice on the roof. We use the proper equipment and safety gear to help prevent accidents and injury.

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Give us a call for a FREE consultation. Our phone number is (616) 240-3465. Don’t let the winter weather cause problems with your commercial building or residence. We can remove the Ice Dams and Dangerous Ice Formations that have developed.

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