hanging decoration on grand rapids home with vinyl siding

Add Some Style to Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s appearance says a lot about you and reflects the pride you have as a homeowner. So when you schedule a house washing or roof cleaning service from Roof Cleaner, your neighbors are sure to take notice of the improvement.

Now that your home is clean and looking its best, take it to the next level by adding some personal touches that make it pop.

Decorating Your Home’s Exterior Walls

A quick and easy way that you can add some personality and charm to your home is by hanging decor and artwork on your vinyl siding. Break up large, plain-looking vinyl siding walls with a few art pieces that compliment your home’s design.

Aside from holiday and seasonal decorations, consider some other options to accent the front of your home or on walls that surround your deck or patio.

Vinyl siding hooks provide a great way to decorate your home without having to punch nails or screws through the siding and cause damage. And the best part is that most hooks are designed to be removed and relocated easily so you can change up your decorations anytime.

Larco Products, a Michigan company located nearby in Big Rapids, is the maker of VZ Hang® vinyl siding hooks.