Moldy siding is unsightly and can drastically lower your home’s curb appeal. Even worse, the presence of mold can be a health concern for you and your family. Mold on your home’s siding is something that should not be ignored.

If your home has moldy siding, call your local pressure washing pro right away. The experts at Roof Cleaner can make sure your home’s siding looks great, and they can also give it a layer of protection against the harsh elements.

A mold problem can get out of hand easily—that’s why it is so important to hire a quality pressure washing company like Roof Cleaner as soon as you start to notice mold taking up residence on the siding. You need to protect you siding from more than just mold. Rain, snow, pollution, and even UV rays, can also damage your siding. Not to worry, an excellent pressure washing company cannot only rid your siding of dirt, mold and algae, but it can also give your siding a layer of protection that seals and shields your siding’s surface, allowing it to stay cleaner for longer.

When you make the decision to have your siding cleaned, don’t call just any pressure washing company – make sure the company that is going to clean the siding on your home uses the newest in technology.  Pressure washing a home is not an acceptable method anymore, high pressure cleaning machines can cause damage to the siding, window and door seals that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Here at Roof Cleaner we use what is called SoftWash to clean the siding on your home so there is no damage done to the house. Instead of just blasting away with high pressure to remove the mold, dirt and grime we use proprietary cleaning agents that safely and effectively clean and disinfect the siding. This method not only cleans better than a pressure washer it also allows your home to stay cleaner longer.

Keep your curb appeal – Make sure your siding is clean and protected.