Often overlooked, but a very important piece of your property – The dumpster area. Is this area kept as clean as it should be, or is it left alone because it is usually out of sight?

Dumpster pad areas can be breeding grounds for all types of rodents and pests that can find their way into your properties. With regular scheduled cleaning of the dumpster pads that are located on your property they can be kept from becoming an eye sore.

When dumpster pads are left unclean they can also become a very dangerous place for your tenants to use. Grease, dirt, grime, mold and mildew all form and become a very slippery surface that could cause injury to anyone attempting to use the dumpster.

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is now providing dumpster pad cleaning and sanitizing in the West Michigan area. Restaurants, apartments, stores and anywhere that makes use of a dumpster pad can now have a clean and safe trash area.