Exterior cleaning sure has changed over the last 75 years, it used to be that you would get a pressure washer and just blast away at any type of surface that you were looking to clean. Now there is a newer and safer way to clean the exterior of your home, Soft Wash cleaning. No more damage to the siding of houses, wood and composite decks are much safer now that Roof Cleaner has brought Soft Washing to Michigan. No longer do you need to worry about water entering your home because of the pressure washer blowing out the seals on your windows and doors. A pressure washer in the hands of an untrained person can cause damage to all exterior surfaces around the home.

How is Soft Wash cleaning different from high pressure washing?

To start with soft wash cleaning uses low pressure pumps to apply a specially designed cleaning agent to the surface to be cleaned, usually the pumps are run on a 12 volt system and have a psi rating of 80psi or less, much less than the 3000psi that most pressure washers use. Soft Wash companies allow the cleaning agents do the work they were designed for – to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew and algae without the need for pressure.


Roof Cleaner is the only company in West Michigan to use the SoftWash System; this system allows us to custom mix the cleaning agents for the best results for each and every job we perform each day. After applying the cleaning mix we use a normal garden hose to rinse the surface, leaving behind a very clean and damage free home.


The word power washed or pressure washed has been around so long that people still refer to the soft wash as apressure wash, but we are slowly changing that in the West Michigan area. We try to teach each and every person that we speak with about our service the difference between pressure washing and soft washing and why soft washing is the way of the future.

People are so used to having their structure “power washed” they will still use that term when calling back years

When looking at your house and seeing a stained roof, algae covered siding, filthy gutters, dirty sidewalks and a deck that is starting to turn green and black, think of soft wash instead of pressure wash, you will be very pleased with the outstanding results that are had by using a soft wash professional contractor.