Now that fall has officially arrived here in West Michigan it is a great time to take care of the exterior cleaning projects that you have been putting off all summer. The weather is a little cooler making it great for outdoor work.
Below are a few of the things around the house that should be taken care of this fall.

1. Clean the deck – If your deck is starting to show it’s age or if when wet, it gets very slippery due to the mold and mildew build up, it may be time for a cleaning.

2. Wash the siding – Does the siding on your house look dirty and grungy, are there spots of green mold on the siding.
Now is a great time to clean the siding and bring the luster back to your home. (Never use a pressure washer to clean siding)

3. Clean the gutters out – With the fall season comes rain fall and if your gutters are full of debris they cannot function the way they were designed. If the gutters are left full going into the winter months, this could cause roof damage due to water backup under the snow.

4. Clean the roof – Does your roof show signs of wear, are there black streaks growing on the shingles, even worse, do you have moss and lichen that have taken hold of your shingles. Fall is a perfect time to remove the harmful elements from your roof. (Never ever use a pressure washer on shingles)

All of these items are things that need to be done from time to time to keep the exterior of your home in good shape. If you are a hands on person and you like to tackle all the jobs around your house these are things that you could do yourself, just remember to follow all directions and keep safety as a priority, especially when using ladders or machinery.

If you would rather these types of jobs be done by a professional, Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids can take care of it for you.