Graffiti Removal

What is Graffiti?


Graffiti is any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, or design, which is marked, etched, scratched, drawn or painted on any structural component of any building structure, or other facility regardless of the nature of material of that structural component.

Graffiti come in many forms. It can be a person’s name or “tag,” group or gang name or any combination of written words or symbols. Spray-paint, markers, stickers, glass etchers and acid are some of the ways taggers vandalize property.

Graffiti has long been a part of the social fabric in urban society. Despite the occasional pieces which may be deemed as street art, most instances of graffiti are often simplistic tags which offer no form of aesthetic benefit. Therefore most governments have seen graffiti as detrimental, and have outlawed the practice.

If you own or manage property or operate a ground floor business that has been graffiti-tagged, you could be legally responsible for removing the graffiti. By keeping your property or business graffiti-free, you are helping to preserve the quality of life in your community.

Graffiti Removal.

The best deterrent is swift removal, so residents and business owners are encouraged to call 616.240.3465 or make a submission online on our contact form whenever you see unsightly graffiti on your property. Property owners should have graffiti removed as soon as it appears.

If you have a graffiti problem on your property, please notify us by calling 616.240.3465 or email- We will dispatch a graffiti removal expert ASAP to get the graffiti removed from your property.

“Graffiti hurts everyone in the community. It is imperative for citizens to take a stance against graffiti, and report it.”

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