Homeowners put significant money into new outdoor living spaces on their properties and enjoy in its beauty when first completed. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand that those outdoor spaces need regular maintenance to maintain that beauty and are surprised when they see their once beautiful outdoor area turn grey and dreary. At Roof Cleaner, we’re often asked the question, “what happened to the color of my deck?” the easy answer is that it wasn’t properly protected from everything that can affect it.
The sun’s UV rays are a big component to a greying deck. Like the sun burns the outer layers of your skin when left unprotected, it does the same to wood. It dries out and kills the outer layers of the deck, removing its natural pigments.
Decks go through a lot. Imagine how you would look if you had to stand outside through years of rain, wind and sun. Mother Nature beats up on decks, stripping away at the natural wood. As the wood gets weaker and develops small holes and pores on its surface, pollens, dirt and dust can get embedded, changing the color of the deck.
Greying decks, fortunately, can be revived and brought back to their original luster with the right cleaning and sealing. Roof Cleaner’s cleaning penetrates deep into the wood’s surface, removing the dirt and grime, uncovering what is beneath. After the grey had been removed, it’s important to protect the wood for the sun, elements and dirt moving forward.
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