Gum is Banned at Disney Parks

Did you know that you can not buy chewing gum at a Disney Park? So, if you want to chomp on some gum while you’re standing in line at Disney World — you’ll have to bring it with you from home.

In an effort to keep chewed gum from being stuck all over the parks, none of the shops in any Disney theme park sell it. This ban on chewing gum came from Walt Disney himself, who wanted to make sure that his guests could enjoy their visits without getting something sticky and gooey stuck to their shoes.

Not only is gum a nuisance if you step in it, but it is just very unsightly to see it stuck all over the pavement and sidewalks. And it is is very tough to remove from these surfaces.

If you own or run a business, you want your customer to have a very good first impression when they visit. You don’t want them to see gum stuck to the sidewalk, spilled coffee and pop, or other stains that require the proper cleaning to bring the luster back to your business.

At Roof Cleaner we have a commercial cleaning division that has been trained in the proper techniques and processes required to not only clean the exterior of your place of business, but too do it safely and without interruption to the customers. Customers and tenants love a clean storefront that promotes a clean image which is good for your business.

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