Are Your Gutters Clogged?

With all the recent, heavy rain in West Michigan over the last couple of days — your rain gutters have really been put to the test. How well did your gutters do? Did they channel all the water off your roof and away from your home? Or do you have a lot of standing water near your house?

If your gutters were clogged and dirty, there is a good chance that the water has just remained around your home. That water could potentially soak down around your foundation and into your home. Rain gutters are designed to take that water and move it away from the house and foundation — but your gutters have to be clean to function properly.

Other problems caused by clogged gutters include ruined landscaping, rotting wood in and on your home and flooded basements. Also mold, termites, mosquitoes and cockroaches love standing water.

And that’s just the problems caused by the inside of the gutters being dirty. The outside also needs to be cleaned and maintained. You don’t want dirty gutters with tiger stripes taking away from the curb appeal of your home. Roof Cleaner washes and whitens your gutters while ridding them of tiger striping. Let us keep your gutters clean and efficient both inside and outside.

Roof Cleaner’s gutter cleaning service can help prevent these problems.

At Roof Cleaner we offer Gutter Cleaning Services. Avoid climbing the ladders and the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Our qualified and trained personnel can clean the gutters for you — so they are free of any foreign objects and function as they were designed.

Call Roof Cleaner today to have us help you maintain your gutters. Roof Cleaner can be reached at at 616-240-3465. We service the West Michigan area, including the cities of Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Ada, Caledonia, Lowell, Rockford and more.

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