pressure washing farm equipment tractor mud

Heavy-Duty Dirt? We Pressure Wash Heavy-Duty Equipment

The professionals at Roof Cleaner wash more than just buildings. Our industrial-grade pressure washing equipment and methods can clean tough dirt and mud from construction trucks and farm equipment with ease.

Tractor and Farm Equipment Cleaning

Farm work is a dirty job and Roof Cleaner can get things clean again. Our pressure washing systems can cut through the heavy mud and clay that build up on tractors, mowers and other farm equipment. Our cleaning solutions are mixed only with purified water and we use a liquid wax for a shiny finish.

pressure washing farm equipment on muddy tractor in field

Pressure Washing Construction Equipment

Roof Cleaner washes all types and sizes of construction trucks and equipment both inside and out. Our technicians clean and brighten heavy-duty equipment, removing road dust, sand, dirt, mud and more from the wheels and body, including trailer washouts.

But our cleaning does more than make the equipment look good, we help keep it in great working condition too. Roof Cleaner also washes engines and has a professional steamer for degreasing.

Save time and skip the hassle!

Call Roof Cleaner to let us wash your equipment on-site instead of taking it to a traditional truck wash.