Hood Cleaning

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Every year more than 10,000 fires are reported by restaurants that result in well over $150 million in property damage and lost revenues. When it comes to your kitchen hood, not only does hood cleaning make sense, but it is also the law. Your local fire dept does regular scheduled inspections to insure that your vent hood is in proper working condition.

We are concerned with the whole exhaust hood, even what cannot be seen. When we provide exhaust hood cleaning you can rest assured that your kitchen hood system is as clean as it can get. We have received training from the tops in the kitchen hood industry and we always comply with the state and federal guidelines for vent hood systems.

Our Service Stands above Others

Not only do we keep your kitchen exhaust up to local code, we also help you maintain federal codes as well. No one wants to get shut down due to an unsafe kitchen exhaust and we help to make sure that does not happen.

A clean kitchen not only makes your employees feel better about working there, your customers feel better about visiting your establishment as well.

Why Have Your Hood Cleaned On a Regular Schedule

With the hundreds if not thousands of orders that cycle thru your kitchen daily you need to keep an attitude that is proactive. Things need to be done quickly, safely and effectively.

The exhaust hood becomes a place where grease and oil buildup in a very short time, this buildup not only robs your hood of being able to do its job effectively, it also presents a fire hazard to your business. We help eliminate this risk with our kitchen hood cleaning service.

About Our Hood Cleaning Service

We serve customers of all sizes and they all vary from each other, the kitchen at your local pub is different from the kitchen at the local hospital. We can customize the vent hood cleaning so that it provides the best service to every type of kitchen.

The exhaust hood system is the center piece of your kitchen, without it you cannot provide the service your customer’s desire. We make sure your kitchen hood is always functioning at its highest level.