House for Sale? Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The Grand Rapids real estate market is off to a strong start this Spring and potential home buyers across Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and surrounding counties are in search of move-in ready homes that show well.

Homes that display an obvious lack of maintenance and upkeep are not only a turnoff for many buyers, but they also signal that costly repairs and replacements are right around the corner. For instance, a roof that appears to be covered in large patches of moss can be a factor in whether a buyer writes an offer or not. Sellers who are planning to put their homes on the market soon may find that the investment of a house or roof washing can lead to more offers at higher prices.

Attract the Most Buyers to Your Listing

Selling a home is all about marketing and that effort starts with great photos. The job of real estate photos is to spark enough interest to get buyers to schedule a showing. Images of dirty and poorly taken care of houses will prevent many potential buyers from going any further, greatly reducing the number of offers a seller may receive.

Dazzle Them With the Details

As buyers tour your home on showings and at open houses, they are paying close attention to the small details, inside and out. Every flaw can reduce the amount of money a buyer is willing to offer. A motivated seller would be wise to give buyers as few reasons as possible to be critical of the home. Ff you are planning to sell your home in the West Michigan area, contact Roof Cleaner to get recommendations on exterior washing services that can improve the look of your house. Sell your home faster and for more money!


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