House Washing by Roof Cleaner Cleans Almost Any Home Exterior

Roof Cleaner’s house washing service provides a thorough cleaning of your home’s exterior surfaces including both wood and vinyl siding, stucco, brick and other types of masonry.

House Washing Experts Use the Soft Wash Method

What’s the difference between a professional house washer and a do-it-yourselfer? Soft Washing is the preferred method to clean many of your home’s exterior surfaces. Using pressure washers, also known as power washers, are extremely harsh on surfaces and can’t provide the deep cleaning needed to remove dirt and organic material that makes a home look dirty.

house washing by roof cleaner in grand rapids michigan

Imagine the kinds of damages that can arise from such a high-powered stream of water hitting your vinyl siding or the mortar in your brick surfaces. It’s easy to chip or crack siding and loosen mortar between stone and bricks. Even worse, a homeowner using a pressure washer cause water damage by driving water behind the exterior finish and into the walls. That moisture provides a perfect opportunity for mold to grow.

Safe, Quick and Convenient House Washing

Roof Cleaner washes your home quickly, without interrupting you or your family. We schedule your cleaning when it’s convenient for you.

house washing by roof cleaner in grand rapids, michigan removes dirt and algae form vinyl siding and other types of exterior house finishes

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We Clean These Exteriors

  • • Aluminum Siding
  • • Vinyl Siding
  • • Stucco
  • • Brick
  • • Masonry
  • • Wood Siding
  • And More!