Increased Precipitation Will Bring More Algae-Covered Homes This Year

algae growth on vinyl siding house in grand rapids, mi

Coming Soon – Green Covered Siding

The algae that grows on the exterior surfaces around your home will be more noticeable this year (2020) than ever before. Think GREEN siding and Black Streaks on Roofs.

Why is it that this year is going to be worse than the past years – One word precipitation.

2019 was a wet and somewhat humid year; in fact we broke records for precipitation. Grand Rapids was more than 5 inches above normal while Muskegon was more than 7 inches above normal for the year.

As you can see from the graph the whole state was above normal for precipitation in 2019

City Precipitation Year-To-Date Deviation From Normal
Sault Ste. Marie 25.44″ +8.94″
Muskegon 25.16″ +7.45″
Marquette 26.41″ +6.61″
Houghton Lake 21.71″ +5.43″
Grand Rapids 26.88″ +5.17″
Alpena 21.06″ +5.02″
Lansing 22.69″ +4.32″
Ann Arbor 27.94″ +4.31″
Kalamazoo 23.69″ +3.52″
Flint 20.92″ +3.01″
Jackson 20.19″ +2.16
Detroit 21.75″ +1.77″
Traverse City 18.34″ +0.06″
Saginaw/Bay City 16.10″ -1.16″

The above normal precipitation and the fact that the ground was over saturated which caused standing water and a very high water table across the state that has not had much of a chance of drying out is going to lead into an explosion of algae growth on the exterior surface around your home and business this coming spring and summer. The winter of 2019 was a very light and warm winter here in Western Michigan and it never got cold enough to slow down the growth of infestation that is happening on your homes siding and roofing material, not to mention the decks and driveways.

The dangers of algae on the inside of your home is widely known to cause health issues and should always be taken care of by licensed mold remediation specialist (If you need the names of some companies that handle mold/mildew on the inside of your home I would be more than happy to supply you them) . While algae is a health risk, especially those with weakened immune systems it can also cause damage to the exterior surfaces of your home.

Algae on Exterior Surfaces

If left unchecked the growth of this infestation can cause damage to all types of siding that is used in the construction of homes and even businesses here in Michigan. Along with the siding, the infestation will cause wood and trex decks to become very slippery and can even cause failure of the decking material.

Even concrete is not immune to the infestation that will be showing up more than ever this year. Algae growth can even show up on the shady areas of your driveway, patios, and sidewalks. These areas can become very slippery when covered in the infestation.

We’ve all seen the roofs in the area that look like they are very dirty, they have tell tale black streaks or if it has been left unchecked for a few years the whole roof could look black. This discoloration of the shingles is caused by algae called Gloeocapsa magma

This algae, if left unchecked can and will cause the homeowner to replace the roof before the normal life expectancy of the roofing material. Once the algae takes hold on the shingles it will allow moisture to remain within the shingles for an extended time period which will in turn allow other infestations to get a foot hold on the roof, such as lichen and moss which both cause damage to the roofing material.

Is There a Way To Combat The Infestation?

Having the exterior surfaces of your home cleaned with the proper methods and cleaning agents can remove the infestation from all the exterior surfaces, from the roof to the driveway. A proper cleaning will have your home looking clean and fresh and it should stay this way for a few years if done by a properly trained exterior cleaning company.

We have been cleaning exterior surfaces in Western Michigan for 10 years with our industry leading softwash techniques and would be more than happy to discuss options with you concerning the cleaning of your exterior surfaces.

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