roof cleaner washing dirty delivery vehicles throughout grand rapids mi

Increasing Deliveries Means More Dirty Trucks on the Road

As the popularity of online shopping continues to explode, so does the number of vehicles that deliver our packages. Companies from Amazon, FedEx and UPS are delivering record numbers of packages and that number is only projected to increase in the coming years. Even the way we order dinner is changing as more and more restaurants are utilizing online delivery services to bring your food to your door.

Delivery vehicles work hard every day. Often times, they are driven through a number of harsh conditions including inclement weather and dirt roads. Imagine having a dirty delivery vehicle show up at a customer’s home or business. Is that the image you want to project for your company?

Washing Dirty Delivery Vehicles

Transport and delivery businesses that have broad fleets of service vehicles face the challenge of keeping their trucks and vans on the road, while still finding time to clean and maintain them. From large semi trucks to smaller box trucks and vans, maintaining the appearance of those vehicles is a large task. That’s where Roof Cleaner, also known as Fleet Cleaner, can help.

If you own a fleet of delivery trucks or vans, save yourself time and money and call Roof Cleaner for an estimate on our mobile truck washing services. No job is too big for Roof Cleaner. We work year-round when you need us most.

Convenient Alternative to Sprinter Van Washing

Did you know that the large delivery vans, known as sprinter vans, are too large to go through a typical automated car wash? Their extended height makes them too tall to pass the necessary clearance. If you’re the owner of a fleet of sprinter vans, that’s a big inconvenience.