Now that spring is upon us many homeowners are getting outside to work in the yard and for many that means putting down a fresh layer of mulch in the landscape around the home. These same homeowners are unknowingly bringing in a fungus that can cause an ugly scar on the siding of their home.

Artillery fungus, or shotgun fungus as it is sometimes called is a fungus that develops in the wood mulch that homeowners use in the landscape and it shoots it’s spores up into the air and they land on the siding of homes where they stick like super glue. These little spores are small brown to black little dots that are extremely difficult to remove. Pressure washing the house does nothing to them, you have to scrape them off and even then there will be a small stain left behind.

When the temps get into the 50 – 70 degree range is when the fungus gets active and shoots up the spores. The best way to combat this problem is to remove any mulch from around the home and replace it with rock.  Short of that, you can buy mulch that is made from bark and not from wood, you should also refresh your mulch every year so that it does not have the chance to decay and give the fungus a place to thrive.

When getting your new mulch this year make sure that you find out before hand if it is wood mulch or bark mulch, stay away from the wood mulch if you can.Bark mulch appears to be more resistant to the fungus than wood-chip mulch, pine-bark chunks seem to be the most resistant, and cedar, redwood and cypress mulch also appear to be resistant.

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