The Top Mobile Truck Washing Service in Grand Rapids, MI

Roof Cleaner’s mobile truck washing Service is a convenient and time-saving way to keep your fleet of trucks and vehicles clean.

Most people think that it’s tough to keep their company vehicles clean in the winter, but summer brings other elements that dirty up your trucks such as bugs, birds, road tar, tree sap, dust and dirt. Roof Cleaner makes it easy to keep your fleet of trucks and service vehicles clean with our Mobile Truck Washing Service for your company’s vehicles!

roof cleaner washes a dirty truck in grand rapids mi december 2018mobile truck washing service from roof cleaner in grand rapids mi cleans truck fleet
roof cleaner mobile truck washing service in west michigan and grand rapids area

Touchless Truck Washing

Mobile truck washing by Roof Cleaner features a 2-step process to clean your vehicles. Our fleet washing system is superior to hand washing or brushing in several ways. Hand washing and brushing can damage the surface over time by creating tiny scratches and imperfections in the paint. Roof Cleaner’s touchless system gets into the nooks and crannies better than brush washing ever can. Your fleet of vehicles will look better and lasting longer. We care about the environment and use only environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

cab of semi truck cleaned by roof cleaaner touchless truck washing system

We Come to You

We clean your vehicles during off hours — on the evenings and weekends. You don’t have to pull your trucks from the road for them to be cleaned during business hours. That means no down time for your vehicles when you need them most.

Roof Cleaner can clean everything from bigger semi trucks and trailers down to vans and utility trucks. We can do the same for your vehicles.

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Find out yourself just how good our Fleet Washing system can work for you. Contact us today and schedule a free demo. We service all of West Michigan — from Kalamazoo, Lansing and Grand Rapids to Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Ludington and the Lakeshore area.

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Washing a fleet of trucks with Roof Cleaner's mobile truck washing service near grand rapids, mi

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Roof Cleaner Mobile Truck Washing — A Clean You Can See

dirty semi truck awaits a truck washing from Roof Cleaner's mobile truck washing touchless systemsemi cab cleaned with Roof Cleaner's touchless mobile truck wash service in grand rapids, michigan
semi truck cabs near grand rapids michigan covered in dirtRoof Cleaner washed these semi truck cabs with their touchless truck washing system in west michigan