Pressure Washing In The 21st Century

Pressure washing in the 21st century has changed the way the exterior of homes are now cleaned, it used to be that you would grab a pressure washer and blast away at the siding until all the dirt and grime were gone. While pressure washers may still be used, they are used at a low psi and high gpm along with new and improved cleaning agents that not only leave your home cleaner, but the clean lasts longer as well.

Today’s professional pressure washing companies like Roof Cleaner are far more advanced that just 10 years ago. Like us here at Roof Cleaner, many companies across the country take part in yearly training to stay up on the latest systems and techniques that allow safer and better cleaning of all types of exterior surfaces.

Roof Cleaner strives to be the best in the Western Michigan area and that is why we constantly are involved with theUAMCC ( United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors) along with many other great leaders in the industry. We want to make sure that we have the knowledge and training to do each and every job the best and safest way possible for our customers.

While our name may be Roof Cleaner, we actually clean much more than just roofs. We are the leading house and building washing company in Michigan. Our commercial division is busy keeping the sidewalks and drivethrus of many banks, restaurants and stores clean looking and gum free, along with our fleet washing that is helping to keep clean the semi trucks that roll down the local highways and byways.

So no matter what type of surface you need to have cleaned, you can be assured that the  professionals at Roof Cleaner have had the training in the proper technique needed to perform the job correctly. No more is grabbing a pressure washer and blasting away at the surface the way to clean, not only is that harmful to your property, it is also harmful to the environment.