concrete cleaning brightens the surface and removes stains from driveways, sidewalks and patios

Call Roof Cleaner for Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services in West Michigan

While we are the experts in soft wash cleaning in Michigan, there are some exterior surfaces that pressure washing works better on. We have the training, knowledge and experience to use power washers correctly and safely.

Many buildings over time lose their new pristine look due to road grime, motor exhaust and mineral deposit stains. Aging of wood, stone or brick can be renewed to revive the professional look of your building. Graffiti, peeling paint, bird droppings and other residues devalue your property and lose appeal.

Buildings, garages and windows need cleaned on a regular schedule. We’ll clean up all those unsightly marks using pressure cleaning, scrubbing and treating with environmental cleaners to renew and maintain a clean company appearance.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services are Perfect for:

  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Parking Structures & Lots
  • Professional Office Buildings
  • Property Management
  • Restaurants & Drive-Thru
  • Shopping Centers & Malls
  • Fleet Washing
  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • Gum Spot Removal
  • Awnings/Signage
  • Shopping Carts/Clean and Sanitize

For Commercial Pressure Washing of Sidewalks, Buildings, Planters, Awnings, Drive-Thru’s, Parking Lots, and more. Cleanup and removal of dirt, debris, bird feces, oil spots, gum, black tire and rubber marks to improve your aesthetic appeal,

Turn Eyesores into Solutions

Our pressure washing technicians are trained in the best methods for the cleaning of your businesses exterior surfaces; we use commercial grade equipment along with eco-friendly cleaning agents to bring the luster back to your storefront. We are able to remove the dirt, grime, mold and mildew from the building as well as gum spots and oil stains that make the sidewalks and cement areas look dirty and uninviting.

You only get one chance to make a first impression; let us help you make that first impression one that brings more customers thru the door to your business.

We Remove Gum Spots from Sidewalks and Concrete

One of the biggest but most often overlooked eyesore items here in Western Michigan is the presence of gum spots. You see these everywhere you go, from the local library to the largest hospital in the area, entryways that have gum spots all over the sidewalks leading to the front door.

All those black spots you see on the ground are actually wads of used, spit out gum that gets ground into the sidewalks around Grand Rapids.

The only way to remove gum spots is by the use of a hot water power washing system, but it needs to be used in the proper way so as not to damage the surface that the gum is adhered to. We have the proper training and knowledge to remove gum spots without causing un-needed damage to the concrete.

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