Roof Cleaner of West Michigan and Grand Rapids is the most trusted roof cleaning and pressure washing service for people who hate look and feel of a dirty and mold covered home.

Roof Cleaner of West Michigan and Grand Rapids helps people enjoy a clean and inviting exterior because it offers effective products and superior customer service.

Most trusted pressure washing service

o 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

o Stop algae from growing on your roof.

o Remove mold and mildew from your siding.

o Bring the luster back to your home.

o Curb appeal experts

o Let’s start enjoying our yards again. By making the exterior look great.

o ECO-friendly

o Protect your family and pets from the danger of mold

o Effective exterior mold control that works, guaranteed

o Residential pressure washing

o Commercial pressure washing

o Industrial pressure washing

Roof Cleaner of West Michigan and Grand Rapids is the leader in roof and house washing. Our soft wash system is the most advanced cleaning system in use today. Our technicians receive continuous training in the correct way of pressure washing and soft washing.

We are the only pressure washing company in Western Michigan that is roof cleaning certified by the UAMCC, Softwash Systems, Michigan SoftWash, Cedar Roof Cleaners.