If you’re asphalt shingles roof has mold, moss, lichen or black streaks growing on it you need to have it professionally cleaned by a company that uses Soft Wash technology. There are many pressure washing guys running around causing damage to roof tops all across the country. Some use a surface cleaner and call it “rinse” equipment, other use a high pressure wand that they will tell the homeowner “it’s a special wand designed for cleaning shingles” no matter what they say, it will cause damage to your roofing material. Take a look the pictures, notice the line in the shingles, this was caused by a company that pressure washed a roof for a homeowner in Michigan, 3 months after they cleaned the shingles with their pressure washer the homeowner contacted Roof Cleaner because the mold, and moss were back. The reason for this was because the previous company never applied any type of solution to the roof that would kill the roots of the infestation, all they did was cut the top layer of the growth off which allowed it to grow back faster and thicker. In the process of attempting to clean the shingles with the high pressure washing they caused damage to the shingles by blasting the granules off.

Roof damageroof repair

The job of these granules which are adhered to the roof shingle surface as part of the shingle manufacturing process, is to protect the shingle from sunlight, from UV light, and from the weather in general. Once the granules have been blasted off the shingles can deteriorate at a quicker pace which will cause the homeowner to replace the roof long before it normally should be.

Roof cleaning is now a home maintenance project that needs to be done every 5 – 10 years depending on the type of shingles and where your home is located, those homes that have a lot of tree growth close to the house will need to be cleaned sooner and more often than those that have no trees. But even the homes that have no tress around will still experience black streaks and lichen growth, even moss can be present on the roofing material.

When getting quotes for the cleaning of your roof, make sure to use a company that has had the necessary training in not only how to clean your type of roofing material but also in how to protect your home and landscape. Be wary of companies that state “our chemicals will not harm plants” if this were the case then whatever they are using on the roof will not harm the moss or lichen either seeing as those are also plants. A true professional roof cleaning company will use the shingle manufactures recommended way of cleaning which is with a bleach mix. Companies that have taken the proper training know how to apply the chemicals to the roof and also know how to protect the plants around your home from damage. There are some roof cleaning companies around that have never taken a class on the proper way to clean a roof or protect your plants, they are self taught and fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to the proper chemical mixtures, if they kill your plants along the way they really don’t care, by then they have your money and are long gone.

NEVER ever allow a company that uses pressure washers or power washers of any type to clean your roof, soft wash is the only way to correctly clean the shingles on your home.

Michigan homeowners have Roof Cleaner, the only company serving the entire state that not only has taken the time to get fully trained in all aspects of roof cleaning but has also trained other companies in the proper procedures of roof cleaning and plant & property protection. We are certified by the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) as roof cleaners, SoftWash Certified, Michigan Safe Wash certified, Home Advisor verified & approved,Thumbtack verified & approved. Your home is more than likely your largest investment, don’t you want to make sure it’s cleaned by a company that has the knowledge, training and experience to do it right.