Structural damage can be caused by the formation of ice dams on roofs. When an ice dam forms, water can be forced under the roofing material and into your home or business causing many thousands of dollars of damage.

When ice dams get to the point where they need to be taking care of, you need to have a company that only uses steam as a method for removing the ice dam. Many companies offer snow removal from roofs and they will try to tell you that they can take care of the ice dams by hitting them with a hammer or even worse – an ax.  Some will even try to use a pressure washer as a way to clear the ice; even a hot water pressure washer cannot properly remove the ice dams.

The use of a hammer or an ax to remove ice dams is a good way to not only damage the shingles but to also put a hole in the roof. Pressure washers will cause damage to the shingles that will cause them to fail in their duty to protect your roof.

. (the black spots in the picture are pieces of shingle that were dislodged from the roof while ice dams were being hacked at with an ax by a competitor)


Roof Cleaner uses a steam washer for the removal of ice dams, this method only uses 200 psi combined with a temperature of 250 degrees to produce a “steam” that will cut thru the ice but will not harm any roofing material.


Trust Roof Cleaner for roof ice removal. We are effective, professional and knowledgeable about roof ice dam removal and prevention.

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Roof Ice Damage

When the snow starts to pile up on the roof and the temps outside remain below freezing the conditions are right for ice dams to form. Heat that is lost from the attic of your home begins to melt the snow from the bottom up, causing water to run towards the eaves where it refreezes, this continues to happen and before you know it there is an ice dam on the edge of your roof.

The water will continue to back up and will eventually finds its way underneath the roofing material and into your home where it can cause damage to the framing in the attic as well inside the walls of your home. Often by the time you see any signs of water intrusion in the home, the damage that has been caused is very significant.

Along with the water damage there is also the possibility of toxic mold being formed inside your attic and home because of the water intrusion into the home due to ice dams.

Warning Signs of Ice Dams

  • Icicles hanging from the roof edge
  • Thick ice forming on the roof
  • Icicles coming out of eave vents
  • The appearance of water stains along the corners between the ceiling and an exterior wall

If you notice any of these signs, it is important that you act quickly and call in professionals to remove the ice dam.

Ice Dam Prevention

In order for ice dams to form the temperatures outside need to be below freezing, a layer of snow on the roof and heat loss in the attic. Keeping your roof free of snow deeper than a couple inches will help to minimize any ice dams, also make sure your attic is properly insulated so that the heat stays inside your living space and does not escape into the attic. Making sure that your attic is properly vented will dissipate the waste heat before it can cause any snow melt on the roof

If you have ice dams that need to be taken care of contact the professionals at Roof Cleaner, not only can we clear your roof of the snow, we can also remove the ice dams without causing any damage to your roof.