If you’re like a lot of people with roof mildew then you were shocked the first time you noticed it.  No doubt you were just mowing the lawn or getting out of your car in the driveway when out of the corner of your eye you suddenly noticed the ugly black streaks on your roof shingles.  Don’t panic, though.  There are ways to remove those unsightly stains.


You should know that roof mildew is actually roof algae.  It’s a hardy kind of blue-green algae that develops in the South and Midwest portions of the United States, though it is particularly bad in places like Florida where the heat and moisture help to accelerate algae growth.  During the first few years and stages of development it often goes undetected to the naked eye, but once it passes a certain threshold it will suddenly become visible over large portions of your roof.  So though you might think that it just appeared overnight it’s actually been hanging out on your shingles for quite awhile just waiting to rear its ugly head.

Now there are a number of roof mildew cleaning products on the market that can be found online and in the stores.  Some of these may be worth investigating if they don’t require you to use them in conjunction with high pressure.  If you’re looking for the ideal solution, however, then look no further than your laundry room.  Household bleach can do wonders to get rid of roof stains if used in the correct ratio with water and perhaps a dash of liquid laundry detergent.  If you decide to use this method then please be careful because there are dangers involved with this kind of work and roof chemicals can be very slippery!

Better yet, why not seek out Roof Cleaner, a qualified local contractor who specializes in roof cleaning.  We use non-pressure methods and will work in teams of two for safety and quality reasons.  That way you can stay inside and let the professionals do what they do best.

Just remember that the mildew on your shingles is more than just a cosmetic issue.  It’s also a matter of your family’s health.  Mold and mildew spores are not a great thing to have around the home, and they can cause untold suffering for people that have severe allergies.  So roof mildew removal will not only protect your family and your roof but it will give you the added benefit of a beautiful looking home for years to come.