Your Mulch Could Be Causing Shotgun Fungus

Are you noticing small black or brown spots that are hard to remove from your siding? If so, your mulch could be causing shotgun fungus to appear on the side of your home!

There is something called “Shotgun Fungus” this is causing these spots. It is a fungus that develops in mulch that is placed around homes for landscaping purposes. While the mulch might look really nice around the house, it can bring the unwanted spotting caused by this fungus. The fungus gets its “shotgun” name because it blasts its spores up to 30 feet away. These spores will stick to whatever they land on…from siding, to windows, and gutters.

With the wet weather we have been having, along with the increase in daytime temperatures — the conditions are perfect for the fungus to grow and shoot its spores out in all directions. Covering your home in little black/brown spots. Most people will never notice these spots on their home as they are very small in size. You have to get pretty close to see them, but on lighter colored siding, the spots really stand out. These spots are almost impossible to remove.

Having your house washed will not remove the shotgun fungus spots. A simple pressure washing will not touch these things. Sometimes using a razor blade to scrape each spot will remove enough of the fungus to where it is not noticeable anymore. As long as you have mulch around your home this will be a yearly undertaking.

There are ways to combat this fungus attack on your home:

  1. Buy natural cedar mulch
  2. Turn your mulch over a couple times a season
  3. Replace all mulch with rock

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Shotgun Fungus