Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide the best Solar Panel Cleaning service in the Western Michigan area. We are based in Hudsonville MI. Our main goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of your Solar Panels. We pride ourselves on providing a fast professional cleaning for your solar panels.

Just like the exterior of your car, the solar panels will become coated in dust, dirt, bird droppings and other airborne debris. As these contaminants build up on the solar panels less and less sunlight reaches the solar cells.

We use what is known as soft wash along with high grade cleaners and spot free rinse, this type of cleaning leaves your panels sparkling clean. By having periodic cleanings done to the solar panels helps maintain the panel’s performance.

How much electricity can a dirty solar panel lose?

It is agreed that dirty solar panels don’t produce the same amount of power as clean panels do. That loss can be as high as 25% when panels are left dirty for long periods of time.

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