It's important to keep your company's vehicles looking great whenever they are on the roads. Do you need a few reasons on why Fleet Cleaner should be washing your company vehicles, instead of cleaning them yourself? Here are five reasons why you should let Let Fleet Cleaner wash your company vehicles...

Roof Cleaner cleans so much more than just roofs. We have expanded our business to go beyond the cleaning of homes and businesses. Now we can also clean your company's vehicles with our fleet washing service.

Roof Cleaner's mobile truck washing Service is a convenient and time-saving way to keep your truck and service vehicles clean. Most people think that it's tough to keep their company vehicles clean in the winter. But, in the summer you have to deal with other elements dirtying up your trucks. Things like bugs, birds, road tar, tree sap, dust and dirt -- just to name a few! Roof Cleaner makes it easy to keep your fleet clean with our mobile truck washing service for your company's vehicles!

Everyone knows that your company’s trucks and commercial vehicles are the billboards for your company. That billboard needs to be as clean as possible to make a good impression. As your trucks go down the roads of West Michigan --  people notice them. Roof Cleaner offers Fleet Washing in nice weather as well as in the winter time!

We are often asked what areas we serve. Roof Cleaner is proud to be able to say we are "Serving West & Northern Michigan".

Make sure your vehicles look the best that they can! Roof Cleaner can provide fleet washing so that your trucks will always look good when they hit the roads.

Don't be fooled by our name! Roof Cleaner does more than just roof cleaning...