Groundhog’s Day 2020: And the Prediction is… At Gobbler’s Nob in Pennsylvania on Sunday, February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil delivered his prediction for the arrival of spring. If he sees his shadow — we have 6 more weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, he forecasts an early spring. This year there was no shadow! Could an early spring be in our future? For those of us living in Michigan, we know that probably is not going to happen. We will have to wait until March 20th for spring to officially arrive. Most years winter even extends beyond

A quick and easy way that you can add some personality and charm to your home is by hanging decor and artwork on your vinyl siding. Break up large, plain-looking vinyl siding walls with a few art pieces that compliment your home's design.

Now that the snow is gone and the warmer weather has arrived, the summer party season is here. It's time to get together family and friends for those outdoor gatherings to celebrate graduations, holidays, birthdays, family reunions, or just enjoying each other's company.

We are often asked what areas we serve. Roof Cleaner is proud to be able to say we are "Serving West & Northern Michigan".

We are starting to see a lot of signs of spring...The Dairy Queen is open, this year's batch of Bell's Oberon beer has been released, the West Michigan Whitecaps start playing baseball in a few days (Thursday, April 5th), and there has even been a robin or two spotted in the area. Spring officially arrived on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 at 12:15 pm. Spring is Here!!