Roof Cleaner is your choice for professional non pressure roof cleaning of tile roofs for the Grand Rapids Michigan Area. Our equipment and environmentally safe cleaning agents allow us to professionally clean even the steepest tile roofs.

Walking on tile roofs, unless properly trained, can lead to broken and damaged tile. While we are properly trained and know how to walk on tile roofs, some will have a pitch that is just to dangerous to walk on.


The pictures in this post are those of a commercial office building, Due to the steep pitch of this tile roof, we were unable to walk on the roof.  We were able to clean this roof using our professional grade electric roof cleaning pumps that allow us to clean roofs like this from the ground.

As you can see in the pictures, the ugly black stains were removed and the roof was returned to it’s original color and beauty. If you have a tile roof that has these ugly black stains on them and would like your roof returned to it’s original color, give us call today at 616.240.3465 for a FREE no obligation quote.

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