Roofs that are more than 5 years old in Michigan are starting to show signs of algae growth. The black streaks on roof tops all across Michigan are more than just an eyesore, they are causing many homeowners to replace their roofs sooner than they should be and at a cost that runs well into the thousands of dollars.

Roofing material that is infested with algae, moss and lichen will have its lifespan shortened dramatically if not cleaned and maintained. Pressure washing a roof will not only remove the infestation, it will also remove the granules from the shingles which will cause your roof to fail at an even faster rate.

Our roof cleaning system does not use pressure to treat the infestations, instead we use what is known as SoftWash to treat and clean roofs of all types in Michigan. Our process involves the application of cleaning solutions that kill the infestation at the root, once the offending material is dead, we let Mother Nature rinse the roof with rainfall and in just a short amount of time you will have a roof that looks as good as new, with no damage done to the shingles. In some cases we will rinse the roof to remove the material, this is done using an 80 psi pump which will not cause damage to the shingles that a pressure washer will.

Roof replacement runs well into the thousands of dollars so it makes good financial sense to get as much life out of the roofing material as they were designed for. By having your roof cleaned the correct way by a trained and knowledgeable company, you can add years to the life of the shingles.

In West Michigan there is only 1 company that has the proven track record, training and knowledge to provide the proper roof cleaning techniques needed to guarantee the best results. Call now to schedule a FREE no hassle quote on a proper roof cleaning for your home or business.