Is Your Vinyl Siding Melting?

The latest trend is to have dark colored vinyl siding on your home. You will see many new homes with darker shades of brown, gray, and blue. These darker colors may look nice, but they also include a few problems as well — including the vinyl siding melting!

As a youth, many of you might have taken a magnifying glass, and with the bright light of the sun shining through it, burned a leaf or started a fire. The same type of principle is happening with the new darker colors of siding. The sun is reflecting off windows and the glass in doors of your home and focusing that bright light and heat back onto the darker siding — causing the siding to get so hot that it will start to sag and melt.

The darker color siding also tends to get warmer faster from the sun all by itself. That will make your home warmer in the summer. It might be nice to have a warmer home in the winter — thanks to the sun — but it’s not something you want when it’s 90 outside in the summer. That will just cause your air conditioning system to have to work that much harder to keep your home cool.

Another thing to keep in mind with vinyl siding is the placement of your grill. Some people don’t stop to think about how warm the top and back of the grill get while they are grilling their favorite foods. These temperatures can get hot enough to soften up the vinyl siding and cause it to warp or sag. There is also the potential for a fire if your grill is too close to your home. A good practice is to move your grill at least 6-10 feet away from your home before you are doing any cooking on it.

Keep your vinyl siding looking nice

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Vinyl Siding Melting