Welcome to the home of Cascade, Michigan – Roof & Exterior Cleaning!

Our industry-leading SoftWash equipment and professional staff provides the best service along with the necessary knowledge to properly care for your roof and exterior surfaces.  We offer roof cleaning, house washing, deck cleaning and cement cleaning for your residential and commercial properties!

Our exclusive SoftWash System has been used to clean well in excess of a 100,000 roofs all across the country! Our company safely and quickly removes ugly roof stains and black streaks from your roof along with moss, lichen, mold and mildew. Our cleaning process DOES NOT use any form of high pressure to clean your roofs delicate construction.

Our roof cleaning process is 100% recommended by the roofing material manufacturers, including ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association). We are a Michigan based roof cleaning company that has earned the rank of authorized PRO STAFF from SoftWash Systems. We follow a 50-Point Standard and have been certified by theUAMCC, SoftWash Systems and Soft Wash Certified.

Our Roof Cleaning Services are backed by a 5 year streak free warranty! No Games and No Gimmicks

Extend the longevity of your shingles and get that “New Roof” look without the headache and expense of replacement.

Call us today and bring the luster back to your home!